Entrepreneurship is often touted as the best way to live your life. You get to work from home, be your own boss, and work only when you feel like it. The number of entrepreneurs has risen since the 2008 financial crash, and the numbers are only continuing to grow.

These are the main benefits of entrepreneurship, but what many long-term entrepreneurs will tell you is that there are so many more surprising benefits. This guide is going to take you through them.

You’ll learn new skills

Entrepreneurs wear many hats. It’s the only way they can survive. For example, one of the most common skills they learn is how to sell. If an entrepreneur didn’t previously work in a sales department this will be completely new, and they’ll have to learn fast. You can’t survive as an entrepreneur without knowing how to sell your product or service.

And the same principle applies to a range of roles you’ll be expected to manage, including management, accounting, and customer service.

A better work-life balance

The stereotype of an entrepreneur is of a business leader constantly poring over the checklist for their business. Overworked entrepreneurs are common, but many of them find themselves breaking the daily grind and having more time for family and friends.

For many entrepreneurs, therefore they decided to start their own companies in the first place. Don’t underestimate the health and productivity benefits that a better work-life balance can bring.

Helping you to grow in confidence
For many entrepreneurs, therefore they decided to start their own companies in the first place. Don’t underestimate the health and productivity benefits that a better work-life balance can bring.

Never wanted to give a presentation to clients? As an employee, you could shift responsibility to someone else. Conventional companies don’t allow you to leave your comfort zone. Entrepreneurs must leave their comfort zone if they’re going to succeed.

There are big challenges you need to take on if you’re going to make a million dollars from home. Entrepreneurs have nobody to lean on so they have no choice but to gather up their courage and take on the obstacles they’d previously avoided.

You’ll become a stronger businessperson and a stronger human being in general just because you became an entrepreneur.

Seize your independence

The secret to starting a business as fast as possible is to build up your career network and call in favours. All entrepreneurs are incredibly independent because they tackle problems head-on. If you’ve spent all your life working in an office for a middle manager you might be surprised to find just how little independence you have.

Entrepreneurship will show you how to seize your independence. You’ll learn how to think for yourself and connect with people of your own accord. It’s a type of freedom many have never had since they were children, which is why entrepreneurship can feel so fresh and invigorating in the beginning.

Contributing to world progress

Millennial workers, which make up the largest part of the workforce, are often associated with wanting to make an impact. They want purpose. Entrepreneurs are doing just that. The solutions they come up with are making an impact and contributing to world progress. It’s easy to think that entrepreneurship is exclusively about starting and running a business.

Entrepreneurs have to do things differently if they’re going to get a head start on other start-ups. And that’s contributing to world progress, even in a small way.

Work where you want

Entrepreneurs can work from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection. You have complete freedom to live where you want and go where you want. There are an increasing number of entrepreneurs running businesses in the US from abroad. They make sure their businesses won’t collapse through living in cheaper countries where running costs are lower.

But the freedom to work where you want is extremely liberating. There’s nothing stopping you from working in one country for a month and moving to another country the next month.

Conclusion – Entrepreneurship improves you as a person

The reality is entrepreneurship isn’t just a way for you to be your own boss. It will improve you as a person because you’ll be learning new skills and growing in confidence. Five years from now you won’t be the same person, and it’s all down to entrepreneurship.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of becoming an entrepreneur?

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