It is this time of year again!

We can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again, for me it feels as if we celebrated it only a few months ago. Time really flies!

But it is reality, 2017 is gone, I can only hope that everyone achieved their goals for this year.

On the other hand, there are at this moment thousands of scared, uncertain or excited parents and children across the world!     WHY?

Because their child are either going to school for the first time, or going to Gr 1, or going to Gr 4 or to High School in 2018.

For a child it is a very uncertain place and time to be, because they don’t know what to expect, as well as for the parents who are doing this phase for the first time too.

When we don’t know what is going to happen in the future or what is going to change, then we can’t prepare ourselves for it. And I know it is called “faith”, but if you can make it easier for yourself and your child, to be fully prepared for what is coming, wouldn’t you do it?

I know there are kids, that are going through their school years very smoothly, without any problems, but most of the children out there, will do better if they had guidance and someone who helped them prepare for what is to come.

I offered a bridging course for Gr 3 kids and their moms, a few weeks ago. I was a Gr 3 teacher for 12 years, and it was our mission to get all those small Gr 3 children ready and independent for Gr 4, but for most of them and especially for their parents Gr 4 is sometimes still a shock.

It is not my intention to scare parents, but it is reality, Gr 4 can be challenging, overwhelming and some kids just don’t cope with it at all. Sometimes there can be anxiousness and lots of stress or even sickness, like nausea and headaches every day during school times. Or suddenly your child doesn’t want to go to school any more.

In my bridging course for Gr 3’s who are going to Gr 4, I give all the information of things and habits that are going to change, what is to be expected from the new Gr 4’s and of their parents. It is a two and a half hour course, so there is quite a lot to be discussed.

Before I start the bridging course, I ask the kids and moms, what are they afraid of, for Gr 4? Most of the kids were scared of the exams and the changing of classrooms, to mention a few. The moms were scared of the responsibilities from their side that need to spend more time with a Gr 4 child.

In the course, I handle all of these scary issues, and afterwards, everyone felt better and had no more scary questions or misbelieves. There was actually one mom, who said, after what she heard now, she thinks she must get a half day job for next year, just to help her new Gr 4 child to the best they can, because she won’t be able to do it with their busy lifestyles at this stage.

To all new Gr 4 parents, if you help your Gr 4 child with a good study method, a good habit of how to plan your daily tasks and how to study for tests and exams, then your child is set for the rest of their school years. Otherwise every year will be a struggle for the child and parents.

It is only one year you will have to invest in your child, to experience good school years with your child.

If you need more information, you can visit our website or contact me, .

To end off, when our matric child went to Gr 4, I, who was a Grade 3 teacher at the time, did not help him, because he had very good marks in Gr 1-3, but he was a very slow worker. Remember it was also my first time as a Gr 4 parent, and I also thought, as most of you are now, he is a big child now and can cope on his own. It was one of my biggest mistakes in my child’s life. He almost failed Gr 4 and we had to work very very hard at the end of Gr 4 and his whole Gr 5 year to help him cope and show good progress in school again.

So, through my own experience and all the experience I have collected over the years while doing Bio-link and working with children, I know they need help to also experience happy and good school years.

So invest in your child’s life, and you and your child will have a prosperous and happy school journey.

And we, at all our Bio-Link Attention Training Centres, country wide, can help you with all of this!

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