What is ADHD or ADD? 

Is it a disease or disfunction in the brain, what exactly does it mean?

Most of us think, or used to think, it is only that busy, can’t sit still, naughty children. We might think, as the child grow older the problem will disappear, but in most cases, this is not true.

And how do I, as a parent, know whether my child has ADHD or is my child just undisciplined?

Answer yes or no to these questions:

Does your child make unnecessary mistakes?

Does your child have difficulties to give attention to game activities?

Does your child have lots of unfinished schoolwork?

Does your child have difficulties to do planning and organise tasks?

Does your child loose stuff?

Does your child forget to do daily tasks?

Does your child fidget a lot with his/ her hands and feet?

Does your child stand up a lot from his/her chair in the classroom?

Does your child talk a lot, extremely?

Does your child shout out answers, before the question is complete?

Does your child have a problem to wait for his/ her turn?

If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, it is quite likely that your child has symptoms of ADHD. Please don’t stress and think that this is the end of the world. We can help you and your child at any BIO-LINK ATTENTION TRAINING CENTRE in SA (www.bio-link.co.za).

What is the cause of ADHD?

Studies show that the most common reason for ADHD is the fact that the front part of the brain is underdeveloped. The good news is that neuro-feedback therapy can solve the problem, and we at Bio-Link Attention Training centres are helping lots of children. Medication is not always the answer, although, in some cases, it might solve the problem. Some ADHD kids cannot cope without medication, but according to studies, only 5-8% of children need medication. Bio-Link is the alternative for medication.

Studies also show a bio-chemical imbalance in the brain, which is normally inherited from parents. In short it means there are shortages in the brain, especially dopamine.

Studies also show that the mother’s stress levels during pregnancies might cause ADHD.

An oxygen deficiency might also cause ADHD.

Environmental factors cannot cause ADHD, but it can definitely help to activate the symptoms if the child has the above mentioned causes.

In my opinion, these children are tagged as the disruptive, naughty kids in the classroom and normally the teacher does not get along with them. This is only because they haven’t learned the skill of concentration. A child who can’t concentrate is getting bored in the classroom and you cannot tell them to concentrate because they DO NOT KNOW HOW. They first have to practise and learn the skill of concentration. This is exactly what we do at our Bio-Link Attention Training centres, we train them how to concentrate.

There are situations where the child has good concentration skills, but still disrupts the learners and the teacher. Behaviour problems are normally the answer because of emotional or social background problems.

At our Bio-Link Centres we do not work with behaviour problems, but we have examples of kids who came for concentration training and their bad behaviour problems were solved as well, although it may not be promoted.

My three kids had ADD in some way! Maybe some of you can relate to one of them.

My eldest is a very sensitive, quiet and absorbent boy. When he was in his foundation phase (GR 1-3) the teachers told me he is a very well behaved boy, very quiet, but he has difficulties to finish his work in class. Every year the same story, but we as parents did not take it to heart, because his marks on his report was good. He just has to learn working faster. When he reached Gr 4, serious problems came to light, his marks dropped so badly that he almost did not pass the third term.  We immediately took him to a brain specialist, who suggested concentration medication. Unfortunately, there was no progress! During his Gr 6 year I decided to start my Bio-Link Attention Training Centre to help my second child as well as other kids with the same problems.

The Bio-Link training helped our oldest much more than the medication, but it might take 2 years to learn the skill of concentration, but you don’t lose it ever again.

Our second child can’t do anything if there are visual or auditory distractions. He was very much ADD! He has a short-term memory loss problem because of a brain injury. He had to take concentration medication as well, and it helped him tremendously. But you can only take medication for 1-2 years to help your child. You have to do something else, like Bio-Link, which is more permanent and healthier for your child. I started the Brain training with him in Gr 3 and after a while I realised that the medication does not help anymore.

He can concentrate today without getting distracted and his short-term memory problem also improved a lot!

He was my distracted ADD child!

Our youngest child had ADHD as well as ADD. She did not sleep as a baby, she could not sit still for a second and she talked excessively. She was very impulsive, made a lot of unnecessary mistakes and she is a child who would spill her glass of cold drink every time in a restaurant. I started the Bio-Link brain training with her before she went to school, at the age of 5. She never had to take medication of any kind. Bio-link helped her to cope in school. Since Gr R she could sit still and concentrate, and her progress is until today (Gr7) very good for an ADHD child.

She was my typical ADHD child!

Maybe you can relate your child with one of my children. Bio-Link made a huge difference in their lives. Bio-Link helped my ADD/ ADHD children and today all our Bio-Link Attention Training Centres are helping thousands of children to have a normal life, and in most cases, they do not take medication.

Bio-link is Bio-feedback therapy, and if you want to know more about what we do, feel free to contact us for more information. There is a Bio-Link Centre close to you.

Janine Grobbelaar

Email: grobbelaar.janine4@gmail.com

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